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Are You Tired of Shaving Every Week? Consider Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal

Technology is proving quite hard to keep up with, yet so beneficial in thousands of ways. A decade ago, nobody could have thought that one day we shall use lasers to remove hair. The laser hair removal technology is less than a decade old. On the other hand, Electrolysis is more than a century old. That translates to better knowledge of the system since we have had more than enough time to study its long-term effects.

Are you lost between the two types of hair removal methods? Here is how to differentiate them, lasers are used for ‘temporary’ hair removal (it cannot however be compared to waxing or shaving), and this is because they only disrupt the growth of the hair follicle. Electrolysis, on the other hand, destroys the hair follicle giving a long lasting effect. Another difference is that laser removes hair from a large portion at the same time while electrolysis handles one hair follicle at a time.

When you compare the two procedures, some people favor laser since it is considered to be more convenient and much cheaper in the long run. It is also deemed to be quick and practical. Other people, on the other hand, prefer using electrolysis for hair removal. In the short run, it is much more affordable as compared to laser hair removal.

If you are also more prone to more hair growth on your body, you might consider using electrolysis as opposed to laser hair treatment. This is because electrolysis can be used around the eye area. The lasers that are commonly used for hair removal are excessively strong even to think about aiming at someone’s eye. So if you want your facial hair removed or even want to trim your eyebrows, then electrolysis should be your best bet and permanent option.

Most people continue to wax and shave, thinking it is cheaper that electrolysis or laser hair removal treatment. Nevertheless, wait a minute; think about it, count the amount of money spent on waxing, shaving creams, and razors in a period of say 15 years. Reflect on the length of time in a week you sit getting rid of that hair on your legs. Think about the pain and discomfort that comes with all these procedures. The answers to all of your thoughts are reason enough to make you visit our Body and Soul Day Spa in Mississauga for electrolysis, laser hair removal.

Our team of experts will perform the procedure quickly and comfortably. It is as easy as you can have it done during an outpatient visit. Electrolysis permanently destroys the cells that facilitate the growth of the hair follicle preventing treated hair ever to grow back. Treatment can be applied to upper and lower lip, chin, breast, underarms, bikini line, abdomen, fingers, toes, back, and legs. Electrolysis is ideal since it treats all types of hairs and all kinds of skin tones.