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Our medical spa is a place where you get to experience innovative skin treatments, and the results that come with them. There medical experts help determine the solutions for your concern areas, such as wrinkles, excess skin, spots, scaring, and more.

Our medical spa is creating waves in the cosmetic industry.

At Body And Soul Med and Day Spa in Mississauga, you will get qualified staffs that you can count on. The spa has a relaxing environment coupled with a professional environment that allows you to get complete wellness by offering ultimate restorative therapy, prevention, and aesthetic care. The professionals at Body And Soul use integrative medical approach to optimize their clients’ beauty, well-being, and lifestyle. In our spa, we also have individual fitness and aesthetic services which are inspired by the synergy of the western and eastern medicine which are aimed at helping our clients achieve ultimate wellness.

Some medical spa services offered at Body And Soul are:

Botox cosmetic

This is the only one that is approved FDA that Improves the appearance of frown lines. This procedure is conducted upon consultation.

Dermal fillers

If you think you need to feel and look younger, this is the perfect choice. They help to minimize wrinkles and facial lines. They also are used to enhance shallow contours, improved the appearance of recessed scars and to help you have plum nice looking lips.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Do you have a nose that you don’t like its appearance, shape and positioning? This cosmetic procedure helps you to have your nose right. This nose job takes little time and addresses the problems such as crooked nose, indentations or bumped shaped nose. Though it is not a complicated procedure, it is only performed upon consultation.


Do you have a double chin that you have been wondering how it could be removed? This procedure involves injecting deoxycholic acid that causes the breakdown of fats in the chin region hence reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Medical skin peel

This can either be done for your face or your body. It improves the appearance of your skin by minimizing the fine lines, brightening the skin and reducing the age spots or dark patches that are caused by birth control pills.

Body And Soul medical spa services are not limited to the above. Visit us in Mississauga for a detailed coverage.